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Company description

- The company is divided into two parts, the first section is operating in car overhauling engines of all kinds, crankshafts grinding, piston rings installation, car drums maintenance, replacing and overhauling car brake pads.

- The second section manufactures spare parts. This section owns the following equipment: light, medium and heavy lathes, general milling machines, hoop milling machines, Arab and planers, butcher planers, drilling machines, stock and heavy boring machines, cylindrical and surface grinding equipment, welding equipment (carbon dioxide), electric welding and argon welding.

- The company possesses accuracy and efficiency in manufacturing all spare parts such as columns, gear rolling straight and curve, air and inclined gears, chain gears, coupling bearings, gearboxes pulley, auger cylinders....etc.

The company manufactured for a number of local factories and companies such as:

  • Ezz Steel Company

  • Egyptian Steel Company

  • Petrojet Company

  • Qandil Steel Company

  • SOPC

  • Hassan AlamHelwan Casting Company


  • Al-Farege Company

  • South Valley Cement Company

  • El-Nasr Castings Company, El-Nasr Mining Company, and others.


Vision & message

The company is characterized by the manufacture of spare parts for factory production lines and the provision of engineering services at sites. The company also follows the latest methods of reverse engineering and quality. The best raw materials are used and it performs heat treatment in our factories. The company is ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Quality policy

El ArabeyaFor Mechanical Lathing Operation & Metal Forming LLC is committed to producing and supplying high quality mechanical parts through continuous improvement and application of quality specifications.

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