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51 years of experience

established in 1969

51 years of experience

El Arabeya Company is an Egyptian joint stock company established in 1969. Its current headquarters is in Al Masanea St., Km 18, Industrial Zone, off Gesr El Suez St., Cairo

Specialized in engines overhauling and manufacturing spare parts for production lines. We are distinguished by quality and efficiency in operating and forming metals. We have the best equipment such as lathes, planers, milling, boring, drilling, and welding machines of all kinds, as well as all equipment required in manufacturing heavy, medium and light spare parts.


Service departments

Permanent development of the product by keeping pace with all modern technologies and continuous training of the company's employees on the latest machines, which is reflected in the level of service

Technical office & engineering design department

Because the dollar and euro rate rise, we are trying to attract factories for local manufacturing instead of importing with the same efficiency as the importer. We take the product sizes and specifications that the customer needs in the product through reverse engineering to produce an exact product

Engine overhauling


We took upon ourselves the responsibility not to repeat the breakdowns because the time is important for our customers, and any breakdowns in the production process affects us and the customer, so we decided to use the best raw materials and the latest machines

Gearboxes, brake pads & drums department

With more than fifty years of experience, El Arabeya Company for Turning provides industrial engineering services to meet the needs of its customers in designing and delivery to obtain their satisfaction.

Lathing & grinding department

The company has the ability to make poles up to 9 meters in length and rings up to 3 meters in diameter. We also manufacture all types of couplings, bearings, distributors, , rollers and crushers.

Metal forming section

Metal forming section The company is distinguished by producing the best gears types with sizes up to 2 meters in diameter, and planers can raze crushers shafts up to 6 meters in length

Welding department

Dealing with us is a successful instrument for you to improve the level of service and end repeated breakdowns

Our products

The company manufactures all spare parts used by factories and machinery parts according to engineering drawing, samples or design

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